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US release for ICG August

Steve Hogarth will be releasing "Ice Cream Genius" in the US on "Resurgence Records". Currently, the release date is set for August 25th. In addition to a new sleeve, the US version will also feature "The Last Thing" (previously released on the UK CD single "You Dinosaur Thing"). The album will be released under Steve's full name. Promotion for the US release will include various Internet chat interviews. More news to be added as it comes in.

Dave Gregory quits XTC

Dave Gregory (guitarist in the H band) has officially quit XTC in the midst of making a new album. Andy Partridge and Colin Moulding are continuing to work on the record.

Message from H

A few days before Steve's birthday (May 14th), visitors of 'The H Website' got a chance to send him a message. Here is Steve's response to the 67 messages he received on his birthday:

"Just spent half an hour reading through my birthday greetings. I was in
tears before I was half way through.
Many many thanks to my friends around the world who took the time and
trouble to wish me such LOVELY vibes.
You can't imagine what it means to me.
When I feel like I'm nothing, you love me like a prince, and you give me
the strength to take myself seriously.. which I hardly ever can!
Thankyou thankyou
Take care of yourselves

You Dinosaur Video on Dutch TV

The "You Dinosaur Thing" video was broadcasted on the Dutch "Kunstkanaal" (art channel) on April 26th. It as in heavy rotation throughout the day.

How we Live and Europeans

According to H, it is impossible to have a re-issue of the How we Live CD 'Dryland', because the copyright now passed from CBS To Sony and they don't give the OK. There is still a chance the Europeans material (AM records) might become available as a Racket Records release.

John Wesley plays 'You Dinosaur Thing' in Cleveland

The following is taken from a review of Marillion's concert at The Odeon in Cleveland, Ohio, on September 19, 1997 :

Guitarist John Wesley had the thankless task of opening the evening's festivities. And he did it solo and acoustic. Had it not been for the crowd's familiarity with Rothery's guitar tech on the AFRAID OF SUNLIGHT tour, he might have gone over as poorly as Mastermind did with Fish last month. Toying with Hogarth's solo single "You Dinosaur Thing" -- from Hogarth's ICE CREAM GENIUS album -- and closing up his 25 minutes with Pink Floyd's "Run Like Hell", he won the crowd over easily. Again.

Pete Chakerian, Scene Magazine

Possible fanclub release of Europeans material

During a chat session with Marillion for The Artist Shop, Steve Hogarth was asked the following:

Any chance of releasing any of your older band's work via let's say a fan club CD?

Steve Hogarth:
I'm having a look into the Europeans stuff. That was with A&M records. The How We Live stuff was with Sony who were most uncooperative in the past.. Watch this space and keep hustling me!

Steven Wilson turned down H

In an interview, Steve Wilson (Porcupine Tree, No-Man) said that he was approached by Steve Hogarth for the 'H' project, but they decided against it because he was already working with Fish on his album 'Sunsets on Empire'. Instead, he introduced Steve to Richard Barbieri, who ended up on Ice Cream Genius.

The Web USA, Update 7/97

Regarding the H CD's, "It had been Castle's intention to delete this album and re-promote it next year, therefore we do not have any copies of the Ice Cream Genius album at the moment." That is the final word on the matter from John Arnison.

So, good luck finding an import shop or mail order firm to buy it from, we will not be selling them. We'd like to mention a few possible stores but we have definitely run out of room.

Help get pre-Marillion Hogarth material re-issued !

Mail Simon & Vicki at with your name and/or comments to help get the 'How We Live' and 'Europeans' albums re-issued. Here is a message they recently posted on the Marillion mailinglist, Freaks :

OK Freaks, we need your help on this one.

We are sick and tired of trying to find copies of the How We Live and Europeans albums at sensible prices (to replace our poor quality tape copies!). We recently saw a rarities shop were selling a CD of the How We Live album for 125 UKP!!! This is absurd!

We're certain that some of you folks would be interested in this stuff being re-released so here's the plan:

E-mail us PRIVATELY (any comments on which albums you would most like to see re-released etc.) and we will collate a list (a sort of petition) to send to the appropriate contact at A&M records (in the case of the Europeans) and CBS records (for the How We Live album).

We think a few hundred names should hopefully persuade the powers that be to put these great albums back into the shops (hopefully at budget price).

Don't delay - hit those send buttons!


Simon & Vicki

How We Live/Europeans

Date: Wed, 16 Jul 1997 14:55:47 -0600
Subject: How We Live/Europeans

A campaign to get CDs by these bands re-released is intriguing. Steve and I talked about this during the U.K. tour in May. He is particularly proud of the How We Live album and would love to get the rights back from the record company. Sony still owns the rights to it, and they're just sitting on it. The record label already considers this a lost cause so they're not going to spend any more money on it to have CDs made or re-release the albums/cassettes. H would like to gain control so he can sell them through the fan clubs. That option seems more likely than the label doing anything.
Lisa Mikita
Music News Network

Next H album

There will definately be another H project after "Ice Cream Genius". H isn't sure if he'll be using the same musicians, though. If things go well, he might do another album with them next year. But he might use totally different musicians and explore a totally different kind of music.


According to The Web Holland, H recently ran into a trance-mixer who told him he's a huge Marillion fan and wanted to remix a few Marillion songs. H might consider letting him produce his next solo album.

Warm up gig

Preceding H's short tour, the band did a warm up gig. The gig took place at the Walls Eating House & Restaurant, Oswestry, Shropshire on Friday, February 7th 1997. It was a public gig, but not many Marillion fans knew about it in advance. Tickets were 28.00 GBP (including meal, I think) and the thing started at around 7.30 pm.
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