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Special-pack "Bible" Edition of "Naked In The Chapel"

5th December 2008
The special-pack "Bible" Edition of "Naked In The Chapel" is now available and on sale at Racket Records. Available in PAL and NTSC formats. Price 14.99.

IT'S CHRISTMAS! for a limited time only, if you order the "Bible" edition of "Naked In The Chapel" you can add the h Natural (Sheffield) DVD ** for a total price of 19.99.

Have a marvelous and magical Christmas, loves, if I don't see you.
If you're coming to Liverpool or London, we'll raise a glass together during, and after, the show!
Mr h

Steve Hogarth - having a few friends round for Christmas

26th September 2008
17 DecemberLiverpool, EnglandSt Bride's ChurchWe Got Tickets
21 DecemberLondon, UKBush

h Natural

11th August 2008
30 AugustPraia de Mira, PortugalMirasol-MS clubThe web Portugal
31 AugustMadrid, SpainGalileo GalileiTick Tack Ticket
5 SeptemberLisbon, PortugalSantiago AlquimistaThe web Portugal
13 SeptemberRome, ItalyStazione BirraListicket (English)
16 SeptemberBarcelona, Spain - SOLD OUTPalau Sant Jordi ClubThe Web Spain

Naked In The Chapel - OUT TODAY SEPT 2

2nd September 2008
On 22 September 2007, I played a solo show at the Union Chapel in Islington, London.
If you were there, thanks for coming - it was a great night among many great nights. It was about as relaxed as I have ever felt on a stage and I'm indebted to all who came and created such an atmosphere in such a beautiful little church.
I'm thrilled to announce that the DVD of the concert is now ready; The Boom Boom Boys shot and edited it, I mixed it myself, and it looks and sounds great! The vibe was lovely and I think we've captured it.
There's also bonus material of a handful of excerpts from my diary - a few interesting days including prison in Poland, the Pulp Fiction evening in San Diego and the bizarre 37 hour flight to Mexico City via most of America (so that the FBI could arrest Cat Stevens, and - very nearly - me too..) ..You couldn't make it up!

So Get Naked NOW!
AVAILABLE AT (PAL version only) at

June 18th, 2008

A million thanks to everyone who welcomed our little boy to the world. He's very blessed to be part of our global family.
Here he is back home and looking a little less beaten up!
Love and Mosesbaskets

June 12th, 2008

Born at 5.05am on Wednesday 11th June - Emil Handryziak Hogarth. Mum, baby, and Dad are doing very well!
One love just got a bit bigger
See you soon!

May 18th, 2008

Wey hey, young lovers!
Many thanks to all those who sent me a birthday message. I DO read everything that's posted here and I'm always very grateful for your faith and support. You can't imagine how much energy I feel coming in from the world! It's truly massive, and I'm truly grateful.
Have a beautiful and happy summer, and I'll see you very soon.

March 28th, 2008

Good news!!
Mr h is pregnant! Well - to be more precise - his adorable and very lovely other-half Linette Handryziak-Petersen is pregnant. We've been keeping it under wraps, but it's high time we went public..
It's a BOY! We'll call him Emil. So far he's been known only as "Vibes". We're both deleriously delighted and mother and vibes are doing well. Due date June 6!
Whoopee etc..
One love,

February 13th, 2008

Many, many thanks to all who left condolences on the guest book. It's beautiful and peculiar to see such compassion from the 4 corners of the world. Don't worry. I'm fine, really. I remember her laughing and full of life. It's been very moving to see your reaction and to marvel at how much love comes my way. I'm lucky, and very grateful to you. One love, indeed.


Elaine - much treasured mother of Mr h - died suddenly in hospital on Sunday 3 Feb.
You might have seen her at gigs or wandering around at the Conventions. Everyone who met her seemed to love her.

January 16th, 2008

Ah! Back to "normal"! Thanks for the Tsunami of flu remedies - I took them all! ...and now feeling much better. Back in the studio with Los Marillos. Working on a song called "Essence" today. Sounding very good..

January 11th, 2008

Hello and Happy New Year
I'm at home with the flu! What a bastard. I wish you a flu-free winter, also free of life's other diseases and set-backs. If you succumb, then I hope you get well soon and go on to have the best year of your life! I'll be spending the Spring writing/recording the next Marillion album with the band (although it's not entirely inconceivable that I might be tempted out for an h natural show) if I can just get both legs out of bed..
One love
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