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Message from h

19th December 2012
Happy Christmas everyone!
Thanks to all who came to my peculiar little events in Liverpool, Glasgow and London.
I wish you peace and happiness over the festive period, and a light-year in 2013.
One love,

Message from h

11th December 2012
Well, heavens! Christmas is upon us! I have managed to catch yet another cold in time for my solo gigs! The voice is working but I might be a bit bunged up in the nose.. Should be interesting.. (Have yourself a berry little Christmas etc..)
Cheers to all who bought tickets (I believe we're all sold out now). I have NO IDEA what I'm going to do when I get on stage but that's half the fun innit? I will in the meantime try to rehearse unknowable things for the unknown set list. If you're coming to Liverpool, please remember that there's no bar but you ARE allowed to bring your own plonk. How cool..
Feel free to bring a bauble to hang on my tree (or anything else for that matter..) and prepare yourself an intelligent question to ask me as I like to talk and it always goes quiet when I ask if anyone wants to ask me anything..
See you very soon loves if I'm not stuck in a snowdrift..

Message from h

14th November 2012
Apologies for my absence here of late. Just a quick note to say I AM still alive (as many of you will have seen down Mexico way..). I managed to get through the S American tour without falling off a piano or destroying anything, I came back with most of my teeth, and I have repaired and replaced what was broken in time for the European Marillion shows which commence in Lille tomorrow. I'm looking forward to it, and I'm especially looking forward to the intimacy of the h Natural Christmas shows - now a tradition!
Thank you all for my sell-outs in Liverpool and London. I'm told there's still tickets left for Glasgow.. Always a blast north of the border. I hope you can make it.
One love

Upcoming H Natural Shows!

25th September 2012
14th of December. LIVERPOOL, UK. St Brides Church. tickets: here
15th of December. GLASGOW, UK. Oran Mor. tickets: here
18th of December. LONDON, UK. Cargo. tickets: here

Steve Hogarth (and Fish) featured on Egbert Derix solo album.

12th October 2012
Both Steve Hogarth and Fish are featured on Egbert Derix's solo album "Paintings in Minor Lila". Steve contributed to "This train is my Life" and Fish contributed to "Pseudo Silk Kimono". For more information, please click here.

Guest appearance on I and Thou debut album

25th September 2012
Steve Hogarth is featured on a special bonus track of the debut album "Speak" from the band I and Thou. Click here for more information.

Neil Armstrong

25th August 2012
Last night the world lost Neil Armstrong. For my generation, perhaps the ultimate hero. I have the great good fortune to have known him and I will mourn the passing of not just a great man, but a thoroughly decent and thoughtful bloke. My thoughts are with his family.

DPRP in conversation with Steve Hogarth

25th May 2012
"In the first of two special feature shows this week, DPRP's Phil Chelmsford speaks with Marillion vocalist Steve Hogarth on the release of his new album with Richard Barbieri (Japan/Porcupine Tree)."

For more information, please click here.

To download or listen to the prog-cast, please click here.

For a transcript of the interview, please click here.

Message from h

15th May 2012
Thank you all. I had a very pleasant birthday. Lunch in Oxford with my other (and better) half, Linette, LOADS of texts from chums, and the pub-quiz in the evening with a few close friends (we lost!). The landlady bought me a tequila and red bull, and a Cadburys Creme-egg with a candle in it. Then home to this long list of love from everywhere in the world. I truly am a lucky man. See you soon xx

"Not The Weapon But The Hand" OUT NOW!

24th March 2012
Please click here to order your copy directly from Marillion's "Racket Store".

H in Ballymena, North Ireland

22nd February 2012
Venue: Diamond Rock Club
Date: Saturday, April 28th, 2012

Diamond Rock Club
BT42 1JZ

Tickets are available at

Message from h

23rd January 2012
Cracking gig in Paris on Saturday. Many thanks to all who came, especially if you travelled far! I managed to buy socks too! I get my socks from a shop in Paris and I had almost run out. ..or walked out.
I'll see you later in the year mes amis
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