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h gig in Poznan cancelled

5th June 2009
Unfortunately 'Good Music' has informed us that the H Natural concert in Poznan, on June 18th, has been cancelled by the promoter.

If you have already bought tickets for this show we would like to take this opportunity to apologise for any inconvenience caused, however.

All tickets bought for this show are valid for any of the two other shows on the tour - in Warsaw (June 19th) and Krakow (June 20th).

You are also entitled to return your ticket and get your money back.

Any person wishing to return tickets bought via the Good Music website can do so by sending an email to along with your Full Name & Bank Details.

If you wish to exchange your ticket for one of the other dates please send an email with the ticket number (on the back of your ticket) to by June 17th at latest.

Message from h

3rd May 2009
Well, Montreal was also fabulous. Thanks to all who made the trip. It has caused us to seriously consider the possibility of a return across the Atlantic before too long.
I have confirmed 3 h Natural shows in Poland in June
Thursday 18th   Poznan Klub Eskulap
Friday 19th   Warsaw Palladium
Saturday 20th   Krakow Rotunda

'hope to see you there and, together, we'll do what comes naturally.
One love
Mr h

Message from h

25nd March 2009
Holy cow. What a vibe!
It's not very often I'm speechless, but today I'm close..
HUGE thanks to all who attended this year's Marillion convention over last weekend in Port Zeeland.
The band have never known anything quite like the atmosphere of affection, good humour, and raw energy you people seemed so happy to put together. We each did our level best to reflect it back to you and I hope each one of you could feel it.
"Awesome" is, I feel, an overused expression. But not on this occasion.
Thank you all so much. It was a truly beautiful 3 days and nights.
You get what you deserve.
Bring on Montreal!
One love

Message from h

22nd February 2009
A post-tour note from h
Just got out of bed after the second leg of the "Happiness" tour and I'd like to thank all those who came and made it such an outstanding memory. We left you singing every night and it was wonderful to see and hear. I have my own favourite moments but it would be misleading to name them here as I wouldn't want to offend those who weren't mentioned. Every show was really outstanding in it's own way, and the five of us have returned to England with our faith in "this thing we do" reaffirmed. We're looking to the European and Canadian Conventions with our tails up!
Over at you can have a listen and download the incredible night I had in Montreal when I popped over the water in July 07 for a solo set. Coming v soon will be the gig in the cave in Gibraltar on 9.09.2006. Wey hey..
Soon, amigos, amigas.

Message from h

11th January 2009
A very happy 2009 to all! I sincerely hope the credit crunch and the arctic freeze haven't messed too much with your post-Christmas vibe.
As a much-needed pick-me-up, we have extended the DVD offer of BOTH my solo fillums for 19.99 til the weather warms up. Click on the link below if you're interested and have a warm evening in by the telly with Mr h.
If it's audio you're after rather than video, the Montreal show is now available at and Gibraltar is coming soon..

Anyway, no more solo shows for a while as I will soon be back out on tour with Marillion. Hmm.. Eastern Europe.. 'better get the winter underwear on. Perhaps I'll see you soon..
One love,
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