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Steve Hogarth + Richard Barbieri
"Not The Weapon But The Hand"

13th December 2011
Check out the micro-site for Steve's project with Richard Barbieri entitled "Not The Weapon But The Hand". The album will be released on K Scope on February 27th, 2012, and is available for pre-order at Racket Records.

Not The Weapon But The Hand
  1. Red Kite
  2. A Cat With Seven Souls
  3. Naked
  4. Crack
  5. Your Beautiful Face
  6. Only Love Will Make You Free
  7. Lifting The Lid
  8. Not The Weapon But The Hand

H in Paris

14th November 2011
Venue: Le Divan du Monde
Date: Saturday, January 21st, 2012 at 19:00

75, rue des Martyrs
75018 PARIS 18

Tickets are available at and


9th November 2011
Good morning!
The hBarbieri album is now only a mix away from completion! Sounding great. Expect an announcement and some sound snippets soon..

Message from h

17th October 2011
Hello crazy kids!
Many thanks to all who came to my weekend outing in Valencia. A fabulous response despite my dreadful piano playing. Gold stars all round for "clapping tenacity" (Diana will translate.. again). You people sure know how to stick with a song! If the December heat gets too much for you, put down the Rioja and come to my Liverpool show at St Brides Church on the 17th! Tickets still available. London now sold out.
Don't forget your bauble and tinsel - we've a room to trim up!
Soon amigos, soon amigas..

H natural in Valencia, Spain

October 4th 2011
Ah yes! A little trip to beautiful Valencia! Just the thing to brighten up the October blues.. 'Might have a little holiday while we're at it!
See you there? Well it IS a bit of a trip, but you could have a couple of extra days too.. See you there amigos.. amigas?

I have also decided it might be fun to have YOU trim my tree at the 100 Club on December 18 so remember to BRING a bauble and some tinsel with you and we'll trim up together during the show. Could be a laugh..

Ticket Info
Steve Hogarth - H natural
Saturday, October 15th, 2011 at Teatro Flumen, Valencia, Spain
Doors opening: 8.30pm
Starts: 9pm
Tickets at (will be available in a couple of days)

h's "Bring a Bauble" gigs

21st September 2011
As tradition dictates, I have decided to, once again, play an "h Natural" Christmas show at St Brides Church in Liverpool on Saturday 17th December in addition to the London gig at the 100 Club on Sunday 18th.
I thought it might be mightily festive if I ask everyone to bring a bauble and perhaps some tinsel and we'll "dec" the tree (and maybe generally "trim up" the room) during the shows. 'Could be a vibe..
So come along to either London or Liverpool for a collaborative evening of music and Christmas cheer, and I'll provide a tree for you to trim, and sing you a song or two ..or twenty-two.

ps to the Liverpudlians!
Wrap up warm - it gets mighty chilly in that little church despite our efforts with the space-heaters! Gloves and muffs please. Perhaps we'll build a snowman while we're at it..

Message from h

6th September 2011
Richard and I recorded drums with Arran Ahmun last week and the session went very well so Mr B has taken it all away to work further on the music while I get back to Marillion album 17.

So.. Greetings from Real World studios (nice place, lovely people) nestling in the hills just outside Bath in the West of England! Marillion are working here this week. The weather's been rainy so far but the studio is fabulous and the boys are all in good form. A creative streak is upon us and our tails are up. There's a huge screen behind the (also huge) mixing desk and we've been projecting movies and psychedelic animation during the jams to provide additional vibe. Nice work if you can get it..

10 August 2011 -What I did on my holidays..

11th August 2011
Marillion have decided to take August off for summer hols. This means I can dedicate a whole month to seriously moving forward with the Hogarth Barbieri album which I have been developing in my spare time. Richard has sent me some truly magical music and I'm finding it so inspiring and easy to gather words and ideas to transform these into "songs". I say "songs" in inverted commas because there is no need to think in conventional terms at all about the structures or, indeed, to worry about the rule-book. I can simply enjoy myself and paint pictures with my voice. I'm layering up vocal textures and having a lot of fun here in the loft.

What does it sound like? It sounds like nothing I've ever heard. Is it too weird then? Well, everyone to whom I have so far played the demo's have been knocked out!. These people are my kids, girlfriend, and a small circle of mates (mostly "cool- farmers" and their wives) so I'm confident it's a cross-section in terms of taste. Last week Richard and I paid a visit to the brilliant and lovely Dave Gregory who is currently writing some string arrangements and (knowing him!) playing a bit of guitar on a couple of tracks. Exciting times..

Source: Marillion eWeb Newsletter

SOLO CHRISTMAS PARTY at the 100 Club on Sunday, December 18th

14th July 2011
"Twas the week before Christmas and all through the house
Not a creature was stirring." (apart from h rehearsing..)

A fantastic sunny day here at h towers. I'm in the hammock with a lolly, and so, naturally, my thoughts have turned to Christmas. I have been offered a Sunday night at the legendary 100 Club at 100 Oxford Street in the heart of London's west-end, so have confirmed Sunday 18th of December for a SOLO CHRISTMAS PARTY!
Yes, I know you're probably already coming to the Forum on the 14th to see the Marillos, but you might also fancy something intimate for Christmas..?
So if you've always wanted to ask me the name of my first pet (quite handy for hacking into my bank account) but never had the chance, or if you wonder why I wrote what I wrote, or want to hear some of my all-time favourite songs stripped back to a voice and not much else (apart from my questionable piano-playing..) or if you just want to find out what colour this hammock is, come and help yourself to one of my baubles..

Ticket Info
Steve Hogarth - It's Christmas Again
Sunday, December 18th, 2011 at London 100 Club
Doors: 7.30pm
Price: Ł16.50
The direct link for this event is

Message from h

7th July 2011
Huge apologies for not posting for a while (shoddy). Have been in the studio with Marillos jamming and generally faffing about. Interesting stuff slowly emerging now.. Also, have been recording at home on the VERY exciting collaboration with Richard Barbieri which is sounding like nothing on earth! More news on that one soon.

Looking forward to the total hippiedom which is the Herzburg festival on July 16. Get yer kaftan on and come over!

There's no one you can save that can't be saved..

h Natural in Barcelona, Spain on May 21st, 2011!

13th May 2011
There will be an h Natural show at the Sala Music Hall in Barcelona, Spain on May 21st.

Music Hall, Rambla Catalunya, 2-4
Sábado, 21 de Mayo 2011 (Barcelona)

Click here for details at

Click here to buy tickets at

Message from h

13th April 2011
Thank you Montreal. The bar was indeed high. You helped us clear it by a metre or so. Amazing!. Love to all who came and gave at the Olympia. I never witnessed a vibe like it, for us, or any other band ever. We're very blessed and indebted to you.
Take good care til we see you again.

Message from h

31st March 2011
Well, that was the best weekend yet! Thanks to all who came to PZ and created that amazing vibration. We're all wasted, but we had a fantastic time. I hope you made it home okay.
Right, I'm gonna get out of bed and fly to Montreal! I'm ready. Are you?
One love

Zoetermeer show available for download!

15th January 2011
The h Natural show at De Boerderij in Zoetermeer, The Netherlands is now available for download at

Click here for details!

Message from h

10th January 2011
Fantastic crowd in Köln on Saturday night! What a reception! I hope I lived up to it. I did my damnedest. Many thanks for your faith and love, especially to those who made the long journey from other countries to be there. I'll add it to my list of amazing memories. What a lucky man I am.
One love,

ps Huge thanks to the Web Germany and the Web Holland for help promoting my recent shows.
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