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ARC LIGHT 5 track mini album

21st November 2013
ARC LIGHT 5 track mini album
(The little brother of "Not The Weapon But The Hand")

Available now at through the following links:

H Natural Christmas Shows - December 2013

Mon, 2 DecKrakow, PolandKlub Rotunda
Fri, 13 DecLiverpool, UKSt Brides Church
Sat, 14 DecGlasgow, UKOran Mor
Fri, 20 DecLondon, UK100 Club

Steve Hogarth - The Invisible Man: Diaries 1991-2013

26th September 2013

Message from h

11th September 2013
Oh Come All Ye Faithful..

h Natural Christmas shows have kinda become a tradition!
As it would be somehow wrong not to have the faithful round the tree in Liverpool and London and, after the fantastic atmosphere last year in Glasgow, I thought "bugger it - let's do it again!"
This will be the usual thing - me, a piano, a tree, and a room full of the "inner-circle" trying to keep the noise down while I sing, play, read from the diary and try to find out how your year turned out while reminiscing a little about mine.
If you feel inclined to bring a bauble (as has also become the done thing) then you can get up on stage and hang it on the tree. In return, I'll play you a request.. If you want to know where a line in a certain song came from (or the whole song), there'll be every chance to ask. So ask!
There'll be a set list, but I'm unlikely to follow it much.
The h Natural shows are an attempt to completely break down the barrier that can exist between artist and crowd and, if you've been before, you'll know that I'm happy to let the audience take the show wherever they might take it. Happy Christmas then!

ps Thank you to all who left a message on my guest book this year. I do read them and I do think and feel about them.


9th July 2013
It is with extreme regret and no little reluctance that Richard and I must announce the cancellation of our forthcoming August and September shows. We have worked hard and planned carefully to make this tour a memorable musical event. We assembled a brilliant creative unit of talented musicians and performers and were careful to communicate to our respective fan-bases the intention to play a spectrum of music from across our careers. Unfortunately, the process has seen expenses spiralling beyond our initial estimates and tough economic times have led to a slow take-up of ticket sales so far. Financially the tour just won't work. We can't compromise the quality of the band or the performance and, in this instance, we're not backed by a large corporation and all expenses and losses will have to be incurred personally. This has left us with little alternative but to pull the plug on the project.

Support from the public has been enthusiastic, and we're grateful to those of you who have rushed out early and bought tickets. We will do all we can to ensure existing ticket-holders are refunded. We do appreciate that there may be people who have incurred travel and hotel expenses in connection with our tour and, especially during these tough times, we are truly sorry if you are out of pocket over this.

We hope to revisit this project in the future as and when our respective Marillion and Porcupine Tree schedules allow as we were very excited about the show we had been planning.

Steve Hogarth and Richard Barbieri.

Message from h

15th May 2013
Hello young lovers,
Can you imagine how it feels to read a hundred messages of love, thanks, and good wishes on your birthday from just about every corner of the world?!
Well, let me tell you - it's incredible, beautiful and surreal.
Thank you for the love. I really don't deserve it in the quantities it pours in, although I REALLY appreciate you all taking the time.
All I have ever done is tried to put my finger on what I have found to be wonderful, or wrong.
And in return.. a TSUNAMI of love. Arc-light.
Thankyou, Thankyou, whoever you are.

Have a good summer, and perhaps we'll see each other in September (or some other star-crossed month)
xxx(and another 97)

HogarthBarbieri Touring Band Line-up

23rd April 2013
Steve Hogarth and Richard Barbieri announce the line-up of their touring band for August/September

Steve Hogarth - Lead Vocal & Piano
Richard Barbieri - Synthesizers
David Gregory - Guitar & Keyboards
Ken Papenfus - Vocal & Guitar
Carl Papenfus - Vocal & Keyboards
Yolanda Charles - Bass & Vocal
Andy Gangadeen - Drums

"Whilst Dave and Andy will be familiar to h-Band aficionados, Yolanda, Ken and Carl may yet to be discovered and appreciated.. Yolanda Charles is one of London's top session bass-players and has toured most-notably in the past with Paul Weller and Robbie Williams. Ken and Carl are the prime movers in N. Irish band "Relish" who have been lauded in the past by Brian May (Queen) and Larry Mullen (U2). I have chosen Ken and Carl specifically for their voices as I wanted to be sure I have some great singers on stage to cover the more complex vocal arrangements and effects on the "Not The Weapon But The Hand" album. Yolanda sings well too so Richard and I are confident that, vocally, the band will sound as good as it will musically. Musically, of course, it will be top-drawer." h

Steve h and Richard Barbieri 2013 tour

11th April 2013
Steve h and Richard Barbieri are proud to announce their forthcoming 2013 tour to feature songs from "Not The Weapon But The Hand" along with songs from the h band, Porcupine Tree and Marillion. They will be accompanied by a 6 piece band featuring core-members from the much-acclaimed h Band and additional "brilliant creatures" yet to be announced..

29 Germany Berlin FritzClub
31 Poland Inowroclaw Festival
1 Poland Krakow Studio Club
3 Germany Munich Backstage
4 Germany Bonn Bruckenforum
5 Belgium Verviers Spirit of 66
7 France Paris Le Trabendo
8 Holland Uden De Pul
9 Holland Amsterdam Paradiso
11 UK Manchester Ritz
12 UK London Scala

Tickets to be announced..

Message from h

12th March 2013
Thank you all for the best Port Zelande Centerparcs weekend EVER. An unbelievable vibe! I was so elated after the show on Sunday night that I came straight out and danced in the crowd. Soon we'll do it all again in Montreal! And then Wolverhampton in April (see for tickets).

Richard Barbieri and I have confirmed a tour of Europe early this September. The show will present "Not The Weapon But The Hand" ( live in addition to music from Porcupine Tree, the h Band and Richard Barbieri's instrumental music. There will be dates to be announced soon in Poland, Germany, Holland, France and the UK.

Message from h

25th February 2013
Well, that last message from Toulouse was written just before the tour bus broke down! Had to get cabs to Barcelona and later sang for the King of Spain! You couldn't make it up.. Anyway, I'm now deep in rehearsals for a new performance of "Brave" at the Port Zelande weekend. Mightily involved stuff in every sense.. I hope I see you there, but if not, have a good spring and I hope to see you again soon.
One love

Message from h

24th January 2013
Greetings from Toulouse!
Marillion tour going well. Last leg. But I was on my last legs in the middle, and now feel refreshed after a few weeks off over Christmas. Thanks to those who left congrats on the guest book for my #1 in Prog Magazine. Chuffed, naturally, but a wise(ish) man once said "Quiet applause will do.." They shower you with flowers then they bury you n'est-ce pas?
Don't bury me just yet!. 'still life in the old dog. (It's not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog..)
I'll shut up..
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