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December 20th, 2007

Hello loves,
Do you ever get the feeling all the Christmases are joining together? 'Must be my age.. Anyway, I wish you all the very best this festive season no matter which version of God you have. (Personally, I prefer the "God is Love" definition).
SO, LOVE and RESPECT to all and peace, and peace-of-mind, to all on earth. Live for today and stay in the NOW. Have a good time and donate something to the poor!
A thousand thanks for the faith. I hope we'll be together again soon.. Health, Happiness and One Love in 2008.

November 13th, 2007

Thanks to those who popped into the Palau St Jordi in Barcelona for my short show. I think I met just about all of you before I went on stage and it was most heart warming to feel the spirit of you. Despite the cold, white arc-lights, I felt very relaxed and "in the zone". Sorry there was no encore - they had to close the building! Well, that's probably the last one for some time as I concentrate my efforts wholly on Marillion's album 15 and the Xmas tour. Hopefully I'll see you soon. Thanks for a great little tour. It was beautiful.
One love

ps If you're an h Natural junkie, go to h-tunes where you can download a whole show. I'm currently mixing the soundtrack for the forthcoming "Naked In The Chapel" DVD (filmed at the London show recently). It's looking and sounding lovely. Thanks to all who attended and created such a fantastic atmosphere. Should be available Spring 2008.

October 16th, 2007

Hello again. Many, many thanks to all who showed up in Holland and Italy for my recent solo gigs. I hope you enjoyed them as much as I. Huge thanks to all those involved in making my solo shows happen, those who gave me rides from, and to, the airports - and those (I'm thinking of Italy) who showed me incredible generosity and hospitality. I'm a lucky man.
One love

ps I still read the guestbook so feel free to say hi..


For his only Italian stop on his h natural solo tour this next Saturday (6th October), Steve Hogarth, will simultaneously land on Second Life!

In addition to playing a "regular gig" at Cervia's "Barrumba", on the Italian East Coast, h will perform direct live (and real!), voice and piano, through his virtual avatar, on the stage of the "Italy Island Resort", one of the most important and active Second Life italian community.

With currently more than 9 million members, Second Life ( is the biggest virtual community of the world, and literally a unique phenomenon on its own.

h will introduce his very intimate and interactive live show to a whole new audience, rendering, as usual, stripped down and emotional versions of his own (or Marillion) songs, as well as some landmark covers (from Leonard Cohen to Stevie Wonder), following both his own and audience's mood.

No doubt the outcome will be a unique, intense and natural concert all together for the happy few on either, the real, or the virtual side of the fence.

Accessible worldwide, 9:00 pm (8 pm GMT), 6th October 2007.
- Second Life
- Barrumba, Cervia nr Ravenna, IT

Please note though, that the real-time streaming from Second Life (free registration) will be limited in simultaneous connections also, make sure to be there early ;)

July 31st, 2007

Hello young lovers,
It's stopped raining!! I'm taking a short break between Porto and Cologne. All's well. Thanks to all who came to La Tulipe and made it another Montreal night to remember. Thanks too to all who came to the little gig in Porto. 'Was much quieter, but intense.. See you in the chocolate factory in Cologne. Maybe I'll do "Savoy Truffle"..
One love.

July 1st, 2007

Good God! Just saw that my last message was for Christmas 06! Very shoddy, so I'm pledging to make more effort in future. Ta to all who kept the faith during the "Somewhere Else" tour. It nearly killed me! All wounds and bruises are now healed (well, nearly) and I'm left with nothing but good memories. During the summer I'll be treading the boards alone once more and I'm really looking forward once again to the intimacy, the spontaneity and the uncompromising selfishness/ selflessness of h natural gigs. I won't ask you to care, but say you'll be there..
One love. One life.

h Natural

29th August 2007
These shows are solo performances by Steve Hogarth only. Additional UK & European shows are expected to follow shortly.

2 Jul MonMontreal, QUE, CanadaLa TulipeAdmission
+1 514 790 1245
(Canada Only:
21 Jul SatPorto, PortugalServartes Café ConcertoThe Web Portugal (email)
25 Aug SatCologne, GermanyAlte Schokoladenfabrik Stollwerck
doors open: 19:00 h
beginning: 20:30 h
The Web Germany (email)
Tickets available for members of the Marillion Web family (members of the international Web Fan Clubs, each member can bring one or two friends)
15 Sept SatParis, FranceTheatre de l'EuropeenFNAC, TicketNet, Theatre de l'Europeen
16 Sept SunMarseille, FranceLe Poste à GaleneFNAC, TicketNet, DigiTick
22 Sept SunLondon, EnglandUnion ChapelSee Tickets, We Got Tickets
29 Sept SatZoetermeer, NetherlandsDe BoerderijThe Web Holland
6 Oct SatCervia, ItalyBarrumbaBarrumba Details Coming Soon!
9 Nov FriBarcelona, SpainFira del Disc, Palau Sant JordiFira del Disc (day of show)

h Natural 2DVD

21st February 2007

h Natural

Live DVD
Release Date: February 2007
Recorded March 2006

For many years, people have been asking me if I ever planned a one-man show. I told them it was a good idea. Since then, I've been a bit busy, but I found a little time in 2006, so I'm finally jumped out of the plane. This isn't necessarily a tight, well-rehearsed, "professional" show. The atmosphere dictated what happened from night to night. I took a list of songs that have been important to me. These are things I wanted to say when I was young, things I've written over the years with the Europeans, How We Live, The h band, and, of course, Marillion. This show was filmed in March at the Sheffield HUBS, and is a complete record of that night from start to finish.

Click here to order "h Natural" from!

DVD 1 (Concert)
  1. Masses of Chat / Life Story
  2. A Few Words for the Dead (Spoken)
  3. You're Gone
  4. In the Ghetto
  5. Wichita Lineman
  6. Diary: Tuesday 11 September 2001, Coniston
  7. Runaway
  8. Working Town
  9. Help
  10. Famous Blue Raincoat
  11. Germ Free Adolescents
  12. The Ghost in You
  13. Victoria Station
  14. Life on Mars?
  15. Imagine
  16. Acid Rain
  17. Burning Inside You
  18. All the Young Dudes
  19. Fantastic Place
  20. It's Too Late
  21. Easter
  22. The Whole of the Moon
  23. Spirit
  24. Cloudbusting
  25. Livin' for the City
  26. Afraid of Sunlight
DVD 2 (Bonus Features)
  1. Natural Evolution - Sound Check / Rehearsals from The HUBS
  2. Talking Naturally (Interview)

  3. h Natural in Paris
  4. Games in Germany
  5. Better Dreams
  6. Three Minute Boy

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