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Live album CD sampler available at h mini tour

6th Dec 2001
A CD sampler from the upcoming live album will be on sale at the mini h tour in January 2002. It will contain the fully Dave Meegan mixed track of "Cage", plus a "bootleg" version of Pink Floyd's "See Emily Play" from one of the shows in August 2001 (this is basically a desk tape version), as well as original demo versions of "The Urban Spaceman" and "Until You Fall". The CD sampler will only be on sale on the tour, and is limited to 500 copies ever.

Details for h shows in London on January 3rd, 2002

11th Nov 2001
Thursday, January 3rd, 2002
London, England
LA2 / Mean Fiddler
By Phone: +44 (0)20 7734 8932, +44 (0)20 7344 0044
In Person: Ticketmaster in selected HMV, Tower Records and Waitrose stores, plus usual agents

h shows, January (message from steve)

2nd Nov 2001
"Wey hey! Hooray etc..!

Following the success of the Spirit and Body evenings in London this August, and the amazing German Convention in Bonn, I have been invited to play further shows in Amsterdam and Paris with the ever-increasing line-up which has become the h band.
Everyone from the August band is up for another "dose of the h" and I'm proud to announce the collection of geniuses, once again barmy enough to set sail under my command.
I have arranged the gigs so that they fall in that drab week after New Year is over, but you haven't gone back to work yet. So cheer yourselves up with the dark, spiritual, wonder-art-chill-out-megagroove-massive, only to be found IN THE WORLD on the dates listed below.
Amsterdam's "Paradiso" and Paris's "Café de la Danse" are among my favourite clubs to be found in this solar system, and frankly these shows are unmissable.
A London show is to be announced within days.. and will probably be Thursdsay January 3rd.
If you love somebody, don't set them free you fool - buy them a ticket for Christmas!
'til then, my friends...

Paradiso, Amsterdam. Friday January 4th 2002:

Tickets are available through the Web Holland until 10 November 2001 Official ticket sales start at 10 November 2001. Tickets are available from that date onwards, at all the official addresses. Besides the official addresses tickets can also be bought at the Paradiso. Phonenumber: +31 (0)20 626 45 21. Ticketprice is NLG 45 (this does not include Paradiso membership of NLG5!!).

Café de la Danse, Paris. Saturday January 5th 2002:

Tickets by phone + 33 (0) 892 68 36 22 (dial 2 to get an operator) (spectacles section) (easier for foreigners)
all usual agents, chain & music stores

ticket price is 130 FF (+ booking fee)"

Steve Hogarth at the Paradiso, Amsterdam

2nd Nov 2001
Friday 4, 2002 Steve Hogarth will perform on the stage of the only Dutch rocktemple, the Paradiso with his H-band to turn Amsterdam upside down.

After the release of Hogarth's solo-album Ice Cream Genius in 1997 the band has performed (with different line-ups) many times in Europe with great success. The H-band, who has quite a live reputation by now, has acquired a growing number of concertgoers over the years.

The "crew of geniusses" as Hogarth calls them (in total about 8 talented musicians), are Richard Barbieri (Porcupine Tree, Japan), Aziz Ibrahim (Stone Roses, Ian Brown), Dave Gregory (XTC) and Andy Gangadeen (Massive Attack). Other musicians are yet to be confirmed, but will surely be added to the band soon.

Ticket sales start November 10 (NLG 45,- , excl. Paradiso membership) and are on sale at major postoffices and GWK in Holland, Ticket Line (phone: 0900 3001250 / and the Paradiso (phone: +31 (0) 20 626 45 21).

For more information: or

H Band shows in January 2002

16th Oct 2001
Thu 3 Jan 2002 - London (to be confirmed)

Fri 4 Jan 2002 - Paradiso - Amsterdam, Holland
tickets go on sale on November 10th

Sat 5 Jan 2002 - Le Café de la Danse - Paris, France
tickets are sale now!

Oxford Calling Europe! (message from h)

12th July 2001
"On FRIDAY 10th AUGUST the H BAND will play at the WEB GERMANY CONVENTION at the Breukenforum, Bonn. It's a bigger and spookier band than ever before.. I can confirm that Stephanie Sobey-Jones will play Cello and Dalbir Singh will get up and play Tabla in addition to my "regulars" Dave Gregory, Aziz Ibrahim, Richard Barbieri, Jingles and Andy Gangadeen. Believe me, it's a phenomenal bunch of musicians who you could normally never dream of seeing on one stage and we're really looking forward to sharing the "spirit and body" material with you, which we shall be performing for the first time ever in London on August 8th and 9th.

So far, IAN MOSLEY and PETE TREWAVAS have confirmed that they will attend the convention and we'll meet the fans before, during and after the show. I think the chances are that Ian and Pete might play a little music during the evening also..

Tickets are on sale now (, and available to non-members as well!

see you soon..
Mr h"

H band to play at the WEB GERMANY convention

6th July 2001
The h band will play at the annual convention of the Web Germany to be held at the Brückenforum, Bonn (near Cologne) Germany on Friday August 10th. Line up will be the same as the London Dingwalls shows.

the address is:

Friedrich-Breuer-Str. 17
53225 Bonn-Beuel

Tickets are available to the general public at:
Regular ticket price: 42.-DM (plus 5.-DM p&p)

And there's a special price for members:
for members: 38.-DM (plus 5.-DM p&p).

the p&p rate is per order, not per ticket.

Everyone may order as many tickets as they like, but only one ticket at reduced price per member. Ordering tickets at the reduced price is only possible through Prologik!

Ordering details:

1. Through Prologik: Mo-Fr. 20.00-22.00; Sat./Sun. 18.00-23.00 phone +49 (0)2463-999434
you get tickets with a nice artwork here (no computer tickets)
(for members and non members of The Web world wide)

2. Brückenforum Bonn +49 (0)228-4220077

3. online: (

The Web Germany have a special ticket price for members of The Web (Marillion fanclub members). Please note that the site is in German: The german word for member is "Mitglied".

London h shows to be recorded for a live double album!

27th June 2001
The h band have lined up two shows at Dingwalls in Camden Town. The 8th and 9th of August will be the '2nd annual evenings of Genius'. h has decided to create two completely different shows. Aug 8th will be called "SPIRIT" and Aug 9th will be called "BODY". "The SPIRIT" evening will concentrate on the more spiritual aspects of my music and will also feature additional songs from the other musicians. Dave has suggested one or two interesting XTC songs, Aziz will naturally contribute something, and perhaps something from Richard also. In addition, there'll be a handful of my favourite cover songs. I'm pleased to announce the addition of Stepahnie Sobey-Jones on cello and Dalbir Singh on tabla. We may even write something new to include in the shows.

"The BODY evening will be more of a stomp, concentrating on the rockn'roll aspects of my music plus songs from within the band as well as the odd cover song. This set will probably resemble more closely the h shows from the past, although there'll obviously be music in there which we haven't performed before."

Both shows will be recorded for a double album release!

Line up:

Andy Gangadeen - Drums
Dalbir Singh - Tabla
Jingles - Bass
Richard Barbieri - Synthesizers
Stephanie Sobey-Jones - Cello
Dave Gregory - Guitar
Aziz Ibrahim - Guitar
h - Vocals etc.

Tickets are available from

Star green
Way Ahead
or from Dingwalls themselves on: +44 (0)207 267 1999

The 2nd Annual "Evenings of Genius"
Special Performances of Steve Hogarth's H Band!

19th June 2001
Steve Hogarth is planning his second annual "Evenings of Genius". The H Band is planning to once again take the stage at Dingwalls in Camden Town, London, for 2 nights on August 8th and August 9th, 2001. Tickets are not yet on sale, but full information will be posted here as soon as it's available!

Note from H: Dutch Gig

10th May 2001
"Calling the Low Countries, The High Countries, and the In-betweeny-just chillin' Countries,

After our 2 night romp at Dingwalls in London I have been made an OFFER I CAN'T REFUSE by our old chums, The Tivoli in Utrecht DEFINITELY FOR ONE NIGHT ONLY and DEFINITELY the last h show in 2000 on the 31st OCTOBER.


Mike Wilson is going to interrupt his hectic "Texas" schedule, while Aziz Ibrahim will fly in from Denmark.

I am proud to announce that on bass, for this night only, PETE TREWAVAS will join the h band.
Spooky mind-expanding lightshow will accompany the event.

I have been a little slow to make this announcement and I know the first 500 tickets have already gone, but there's plenty left so maybe we can have another extraordinary Tuesday night together.
Dressing up as witches is preferable but optional.

BE THERE or be filled with bitter regret.

Best wishes and broomsticks to all


Richard Barbieri - Synthesizers
Dave Gregory - Guitar
Aziz Ibrahim - Guitar
Pete Trewavas - Bass
Mike Wilson (Texas) - Drums

H gig in Holland on October 31st!

12th Sept 2001
"Following the success of his London shows h will do a one-off "evening of genius" in Holland - the only show this year in mainland Europe, at the Tivoli, Utrecht on 31 October. Tickets are available from tha Tivoli, Tel (31) 30 231 14 91
price 40NLG

Best wishes,
See you there

Extra H show on August 9th in Camden, London!

25th July 2001
Owing to a terrific demand for tickets for the "Evening of Genius" at Dingwalls on 8th August, h has decided to play an extra night on August 9th also.

Message from h:

Hello me hearties!?!?!**....
After our little outing to Geneva in May my band wanted to get together for another blast, so it was with great pleasure that I announced the only h show in Europe for the foreseeable future.
Owing to astounding demand, I've decided to add a SECOND SHOW

I have immodestly-but-accurately (if you don't count ME) described each of these events as AN EVENING OF GENIUS
They will take place on August 8th and 9th at Dingwalls (one of my favourite clubs on earth) in Camden Lock, London.
A summer's evening in the groovyest part of London by the waterside is, in my opinion, well worth bunking off work for, and I intend to do so!
It's a KILLER band choc-full of superstar genius types - if you're unfamiliar with the names, Dave G played guitar with XTC, Aziz played guitar with Stone Roses and Ian Brown, Richard played synthesisers with Japan and Porcupine Tree, Mike currently drums with Texas, and Jingles is one of London's premier session bass-players!
It occurs to me that our names spell DR h JAM (see below)
D>ave Gregory
R>ichard Barbieri
A>ziz Ibrahim
M>ike Wilson

I can tell you that the remastered How We Live album, "Dry Land" will be available on sale at the venue, and that an appearance by Colin Woore will mean a brief reformation of How We Live, performing live for the first time in ten years! There's also the chance to rub shoulders with one or two of Los Marillos who've been tapping me for freebies!
Anyway, if you don't come you're gonna miss out on a couple of rare evenings .. and I'll never forgive you.....:)

Tickets available Price £15.00+booking fee from:
Ticket Web - online ordering
Stargreen +44 (0)20 7734 8932
and from the venue: Dingwalls, 11 East Yard, Camden Lock, London(tel +44 (0)207 267 1999)

One more H show on August 8th in Camden, London

21st July 2001
The H band will be playing one more show on August 8th at Dingwalls Club in Camden, London. The line-up will be the same as the one at the Feast of Hope in Geneva:

h - vocals
Mike Wilson (Texas) - drums
Jingles - bass
Richard Barbieri - synthesizers
Dave Gregory - guitar
Aziz Ibrahim - guitar
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