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Christmas message from Steve Hogarth!

18th Dec 1999
"Hello me hearties. I hope you've all had a good year. I wish you all a wicked Christmas and I hope your dreams come down the chimney and end up in your stockings. Have a party and try not to go to hospital for more than a day.
Love and feathers.
ps I was having a soda with Richard Barbieri last night and I think there's a fighting chance of us writing/recording together in 2000 watch this space.."

2000 What's all that about? - Millennial Thoughts

18th Dec 1999
Here are my heroes and zeros of this centuryand my predictions for the new millennium



A few stick right out don't they?..

Oh, And just for the record: 'Disco' is the scourge of the 20th century.

Predictions for the New Millennium

There are two scenarios. The first one, you wouldn't even want to know about, so I'll give you the second one:

Marillion Online Chats

11th Apr 1999
Saturday, 6 November
6:00pm EST (GMT -05:00)
America Online Live Chat Band Members - Steve Hogarth / Mark Kelly / Pete Trewavas

Sunday, 7 November
3:00pm EST (GMT -05:00)
Talk City / Artist Shop
Band Members - Steve Hogarth / Steve Rothery

Port: 7000
Channel: #@MusicArena

Monday, 8 November
5:00pm EST (GMT -05:00)
Yahoo! Rock Online
Band members - Steve Hogarth / Mark Kelly / Pete Trewavas

Tuesday, 9 November
6:00pm EST (GMT -05:00)
Trans World Entertainment
Band members - Steve Hogarth / Mark Kelly / Pete Trewavas

Tuesday, 16 November
8:00pm EST (PST -05:00)
House Of Blue
Pre-release listening party, with phone interview via AT@T Conferencing. 30 minute duration.
Band members - Steve Hogarth / Mark Kelly

Dave Gregory at Kosovaid concert

24th May 1999
"Ice Cream Genius" and ex-XTC guitarist Dave Gregory and ex-XTC Barry Andrews keyboardist will be guesting with Swindow band the Refugees for the Kosovaid concert at the Oasis leisure centre on May 30th, 1999.

Box office: 01793 445401
Info: 01672 541015

The line up is as follows: Mike Scott (Waterboys) & friends, Midge Ure, Howard Jones band, John Otway, Refugees, Unity + more musical guests. Tickets are £15.

Message from Steve Hogarth!

18th May 1999
"Hello Cats and Dogs,

Well that's two years running now that you all made my birthday a bit more special.
We muso types tend to feel the advancing years pretty keenly so any support is most gratefully received.
Here's hoping to scream at you soon!
Love and handstands
The Dinosaur Thing

Steve Hogarth on Gagliarchives

12th Feb 1999
Steve Hogarth will join the Philadelphia based progressive rock program the GAGLIARCHIVES on a 1 hour special of Marillion's BRAVE on Saturday, February 13th, 1999. The BRAVE story will be in two parts. The second part will take place the following week, on February 20nd, 1999.
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