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Message from h

22nd December 2010
Phew! What a fortnight! What a month!
Thanks to all who braved the freezing St Brides Church, Liverpool. Dunno about you but my knees were actually frosty when I took my trousers off.. The Garage was warmer, fortunately, although I played like I was wearing mittens, so apologies to the piano players in the audience.
Fabulous atmosphere at both for which I am indebted to you.
Have a completely brilliant Christmas and I look forward to Köln (Cologne) on January 8th - already sold out. Loves, it will be special for me no matter what happens.
As my mother used to say to me, "There's no heaven or hell, you make it here on earth, the choice is yours."
Heaven's the way to go.. (I've been drinking.)

Message from h

16th December 2010
Many thanks for your fantastic support at my Zoetermeer and Milan shows last weekend and for the incredible response on the guestbook. They were both cracking vibes weren't they?
Liverpool and London then!
Wish me luck braving the forecasted "severe weather" :o/ I'll do me best to be there if you will!
Mucho d'amour, love, handstands etc
Mr ho ho

New Website

18th November 2010
Ah, greetings h-heads! We thought it was time for a bit of a makeover on the site here. Being as the h band has taken er.. "a bit of a rest" (understatement) and as I seem to be going out all on my ownsome these days, we've made the design reflect that. I hope you like it. And if you preferred the other design, well, I hope you get used to this one! I'll be making more of an effort to keep in touch than I have in the recent past (shoddy..) so come back soon and have another look.
Thanks to all who made the trip to Dublin. A fantastic vibe and excellent community singing. I have never heard 3 Minute Boy sung better (or louder) by the crowd, and it was particularly good to be asked a few questions (even if my answers may have lacked discretion somewhat..) and get a dialogue going.
I'm off to be a rockstar in Germany and hang out in bars with Deep Purple for the rest of the month (Good heavens..) and then I'll be popping "solo" to Holland and Italy in December before returning to England for Liverpool and London. I'm excited to say that it looks like I may have a few chums popping up for the London show. Keep it to yourself..
Please sign the guestbook. I go there frequently to hear what you're all up to. Having said that, please be respectful to everybody else and pop in once a week, not 10 times a day!!
I'll see you soon in the Arenas, in the clubs ..or in church.
Toodleoo, sisters and brothers,


13th November 2010
See the Live Shows page for details.

Mr h in his birthday suit

14th February 2010
Hello young lovers.
I will be escaping the Marillion bubble again for 2 nights only to celebrate my birthday with you on May 14th (birthday) and May 15th (err.. the day after my birthday) at London's Garage, Islington, and the legendary Cavern Club, Liverpool.
I intend to live until I'm 102. Come and celebrate as I step into middle-age.
Leave a note on the guestbook, say hello, and tell me what you'd like to see (behave!) and hear. Can't promise, but I'll think seriously about it..

ps You don't have to bring a present.
pps No cakes - I'm fat enough!

Tickets for London at

Tickets for Liverpool available soon

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