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Steve Hogarth. Voice and Piano: An organic evening of music, rock n'roll diary excerpts, lyrics and conversation.

8th Nov 2005
For many years, people have been asking me if I ever planned a one-man show. I told them it was a good idea. Since then, I've been a bit busy, but I have found a little time in February 06, so here goes.. I'm jumping out of the plane.

This won't be a tight, well-rehearsed, "professional" show. I want the atmosphere to dictate what happens. I'm going to arrive with a list of songs that have been important to me. These are things I wanted to say when I was young, things I've written over the years with the Europeans, How We Live, The h band, and, of course, Marillion.

I'll play some songs. (Hopefully I'll remember how they go..). I might read real-life rock n'roll reminiscences from the diary. If I'm in the mood, and you are too, we'll chat for a little while. If you ask me a decent question, I'll answer it. If the atmosphere is good, I'll keep going - perhaps for hours.. Let's see where it takes us.

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