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Message from h

4th December 2014
Hello cats,
I'm pleased to say that there are now downloads available of my recent solo shows at Liverpool Cavern Club, St Johns Church Oxford, and The Kings Chapel, Gibraltar at
Gibraltar was one of my favourite performances ever, so you might wish to share in that even if you weren't there...
If you're stuck for a Christmas stocking-filler for a chum, by a copy of my diaries! There are still signed hardbacks of Volume 2 available along with unsigned paperbacks of volume 1.
See you soon on the ice..
h xx


10th November 2014
The Invisible Man Diaries Volume 2 1998-2014 is now available in both Hardback (signed) and Paperback editions!

It's selling fast but there are still copies left. Volume 1 hardback sold out quickly, but paperbacks are still available.

The Hardback version can be ordered from HERE

The Paperback version can be ordered from HERE

Message from h

5th October 2014
I'm sorry to say that the h Natural Lisbon show is no more. Please contact the web Portugal with any queries.
The Cavern Club and 100 Club are sold-out. Further tickets may become available so please check. There are a few tickets left for the show at St John The Evangelist in Oxford on October 18.

Message from h

22nd September 2014
I have all sorts of solo madness coming up in September and October.
This weekend, September 27 I will make my first foray into the rarified world of the Blenheim Palace literary festival. I'll be joining the likes of Richard Dawkins, Maureen Lipman, Julian Fellowes and a host of other accomplished talents. I wonder if any of them will speak to me? ..but then you never know.. (I have it on good authority that Billy Bob Thornton's currently listening to "Arc Light". Who'da thunk it?)
When they realised I would agree to anything, they asked me to perform a few songs at the piano in addition to reading from Volume 1 of my diaries "The Invisible Man", so perhaps I'll see you at St Mary Magdalene Church at 5.00pm in the afternoon on Woodstock High Street.

Then there are a handful of h Natural shows which I believe are very nearly sold out at my beloved Cavern Club, Liverpool, St John's Church Oxford, and the legendary 100 Club, Oxford St London not to mention quick flights across the water to play in Lisbon, and another literary festival in Gibraltar.
Would be nice to see you, read to you, talk to you, sing to you, ask you to shut up and listen etc.
Dates below. Lotsa love

Sat, 20th SeptNational Audio ShowWittlebury Hall, Towcester
Sat, 27th SeptBlenheim Palace Literary FestivalSt Mary Magdelene Church,
Woodstock High Street
Thu, 16th OctThe Cavern (SOLD OUT!)Liverpool, UK
Sat, 18th OctSt John the Evangelist ChurchOxford, UK
Sun, 19th Oct100 ClubLondon, UK
Sat, 25th OctCine-Teatro Encanacao cancelledLisbon, Portugal

Message from h

28th July 2014
Respected British Channel 4 journalist John Snow returns from Gaza. Please watch this and help if you can.

The fighting has to stop. Hamas must stop firing rockets into Israel. The world must recognise that Hamas rockets are doing very little damage and causing few casualties compared to Israel's hideously one-sided retaliation with hi-tech weapons. Both actions are wrong, but the statistics of the dead, and of dead children are truly appalling.

You can help simply by talking about this issue with your friends. Please do all you can to make this end. Write to your governments - make a noise. At times like this, I feel that writing a song is like whispering into a hurricane.

H on the Radio

25th July 2014
Hello pop-pickers! ..or Progpickers. h here.
Blimey - isn't it hot? It was DAMNED hot at Loreley last weekend, and we had a cracker of a show. Currently recovering from whiplash. (Well, that's what she said her name was..)
Anyway, THIS weekend I'm on the radio! I have the pleasure of sitting in for Phil Wilding (who's away) and presenting the Team Rock Prog Magazine Show on Saturday between 8.00 and 10.00pm, and again, on Sunday 8.00 until 10.00pm when I will be interviewing Fairport Convention's, Simon Nicol (ahead of Marillion guesting on the Cropredy Festival on August 9th).
I've been given free-reign and carte blanche to play ANYTHING I like.
Not something that happens every day in radio – they must be mad.
I’ll be playing all my childhood Prog treasures – the songs that perhaps made me who I am and do what I do - along with anything I found groundbreaking or moving.
I hope you'll listen in..
Love and suncream

Saturday July 26 8pm
Sunday July 27 8pm

You can tune in via on DAB (National in the UK) and via tunein/radioplayer apps.
More info on how to listen here - (2000 - 2200 BST)

Please read this

21st July 2014
Please read this.
An insight into the life of an ordinary moderate mother in Gaza.!Ghadeer-36-My-son-asks-if-we-are-going-to-die-today/cu6k/0BE5A3D0-5596-4CCB-BC86-19F47AB48884

You Dinosaur Thing video

5th July 2014
Hello all,
Well, the book seems to be going down well. Thanks to all for the positive feedback and the guestbook entries. Glad you're enjoying it.
Also, I found a decent-quality version of the "You Dinosaur Thing" video the other day in my bottom drawer (well - in Paris, actually) and we've uploaded it here in the "Discography" section. Shot and directed in Amsterdam by Niels van Iperen, it's a good laugh so have a look.
Love and lamé


Message from h

22nd June 2014
Oh Come All Ye Faithful..

Hello all, Well, I finally took delivery of a finished copy of volume 1 of my diaries "The Invisible Man 1991 - 1997" and the publisher has done a fine job of making my aimless words into something beautiful and proper. Really happy with how it turned out. If you bought it on preorder, you should have it by now. I hope you're enjoying it. Perfect for a bit of light reading on holiday - James Joyce it aint (!), but I could never follow him anyway..
Perhaps I'll see you soon in Quebec, Loreley or Cropredy!

H Natural dates

17th June 2014
Thu, 16th OctoberThe Cavern (SOLD OUT!)Liverpool, UK
Sat, 18th OctoberSt John the Evangelist ChurchOxford, UK
Sun, 19th October100 ClubLondon, UK
Sat, 25th OctoberCine-Teatro EncanacaoLisbon, Portugal


6th April 2014
Hello loves,

Greetings from The Invisible Man.

As you know I am releasing a book of my diaries and I am pleased to say that the FIRST volume 1991-1997 (due for release June 21) is available for pre-sale from today!

The Hardback version can be Pre-ordered from HERE

The Paperback version can be Pre-ordered from HERE

The publishers and I have decided to split the diaries into TWO volumes as (at over 600 pages) there was rather too much for one book.

Volume one is available as both a strictly Limited Edition hardback (only 500 will be made - with exclusive photos and I will sign them) and also a paperback.

Volume Two will follow before Christmas.

I guess you're pretty familiar by now with my "on-stage" existence! "The Invisible Man" should give you more than a little insight into my life (and it has been a curious one) "off-stage".

I have definite plans to make an audio-book version of the diaries but I have been shocked at how long it takes me to read and record these, so the audio release should follow, hopefully in 2015.

RIght then - I'm off to the Caribbean (we'll miss you, Ian)
Capn' h

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