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Christmas message from Steve

19th Dec 1998
"Whoopee to all me lovely h hearties!
Thanks for your support in '98

Have a peaceful and happy Christmas!!

I hope I see you in '99 and I wish you all the best vibes in the New Year and FOREVER.

Wishes and love

Hogarth interview on Philadelphia radio program

17th Sept 1998
Steve Hogarth will be featured in an exclusive interview on the Gagliarchives radio program in Philadelphia on 88.9FM Saturday September 19th at 11:00 PM. Steve will be their special guest on program 553.

For more information, visit

Live chat on America Online

17th Sept 1998
There will be a live chat on America Online with Steve Hogarth on Friday, September 18th at 10 pm ET.
Join us September 18th
at 10:00pm ET
as The Nightclub proudly welcomes

Steve Hogarth

UK rock band Marillion's lead singer
~Steve Hogarth~
will be here to chat with you about his solo project...
Ice Cream Genius

Hope you'll join in!!

#Freaks chat on September 10!

11th Sept 1998
Read the transcript of this IRC chat

Steve Hogarth will be on #Freaks for an online chat on Thursday September 10th, at 7 pm EST / 6 pm CDT / 1 am CET (technically it's already Friday in CET).

The chat will be moderated. Only the moderators (Kimari and Itchy), Steve Hogarth and the person asking his/her question will be able to talk.

About 15 minutes before the chat begins, you will be able to give us your real name. During the chat, everyone will get the chance to ask their own question, in the order the real names were received. So be prepaired to ask your question, when your number is up!

LiveConcerts chat archived!

5th Sept 1998
Steve Hogarth
August 25, 1998

While best know as the lead singer for UK rockers, Marillion, Steve 'h' Hogarth has had an impressively extensive career. Not only as the founding member of the 80's experimental band the Europeans, but now also as a solo artist. Here's your chance to hear 'h' tell it like it is in this live RealAudio interview as he speaks on everything from his early days on the new wave cutting edge all the way to his new solo effort, 'Ice Cream Genius.'

Check out the conversation we had with Steve's band Marillion.

Real audio chat on

27th Aug 1998
This interview is scheduled to be archived on September 4th will be doing a real audio phone interview with Steve Hogarth on August 25 at 5:00 PDT to talk about "Ice Cream Genius". Submit a question or check out the "Ice Cream Genius" listening party from August 18th through August 25th.

From the LiveConcerts newsletter:

" * Steve Hogarth
Don't miss your chance to hear "h" tell it like it is in this live RealAudio conversation as he speaks with's Albert Torres about everything from his early days on the new wave cutting edge all the way to his new solo effort, "Ice Cream Genius".
You will need RealPlayer for both events.

Live chat on

25th Aug 1998
Read the transcript of this online chat

There will be a live chat with Steve Hogarth at RockOnline on August 25th at 6 pm EST. You can already register for the chat and submit a question for the chat.

Artist Shop/Talk City live chat

20th Aug 1998
Read the transcript of this IRC chat

Steve Hogarth will be doing a live chat on Talk City on August 23th. For more information, visit the Artist Shop.

What: An Online CD Release Party!
Who: Special Guest, Marillion Vocalist Steve Hogarth
When: August 23rd @ 12:00 pm PT / 3:00 pm ET
Where: @MusicArena on TalkCity

IRC information:

Port: 6667
Channel: #@MusicArena

"Steve has just put out a new solo album called Ice Cream Genius. Included in his band are guitarist Dave Gregory of XTC, keyboardist Richard Barbieri and percussionist Steve Jansen from Japan and Rain Tree Crow, drummer Clem Burke from Blondie and more. Ice Cream Genius has some very unexpected twists and turns which make for a surprising and delightful CD!

We'll be chatting with Steve on Sunday, August 23rd at 3pm eastern/12 noon pacific. This will be around 8pm and 9pm for most of Europe, so I strongly encourage the European fans to join the chat! And for early risers in the Far East it should be 5am Monday morning for fans in Japan, 6am Monday morning for fans in Australia."

Online Live Chats

12th Aug 1998
Steve Hogarth will be doing a few online live chats to promote the US release of "Ice Cream Genius". Websites that are hosting these chats will include :
More information will be made available as it comes in, so check this page often.

Ordering Information US ICG

7th Aug 1998
August 7th, 1998 - "Ice Cream Genius" has just been shipped to the US for a domestic release. If you wish to order the album from your favourite retailer, the catalogue number is :

  Resurgence 134 CD

If you prefer to have the album shipped directly to your home, please call Sound Delivery at the following phone number :


The H Website becomes official !

30th July 1998
On July 30th, 1998, Steve Hogarth gave permission for this site to be called "The Official H Website".
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